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A scalable, replicable program to develop a new generation of leaders and scientists.

The TMP was designed to grow along with the increasing enrollment of underrepresented minority students and the increasing importance of STEM-educated graduates needed in the workforce. The transition from mentee to mentor is a natural extension of the community-based team approach to mentoring. Because the student mentors have, in most cases, been mentees themselves, there is an increased level of sophistication and seemliness built into the program. 

The TMP can be easily replicated at colleges and universities around the country because it utilizes resources that are already in place: faculty, STEM programs, students, and student service organizations. Additionally, there are numerous resources that outline best practices for mentoring and retention - a college or university can adapt the mentoring philosophy that will best meet the needs of their unique student body.

Private support for mutual benefit. Financial support for participating students is a major incentive that encourages participation and improves retention. Undergraduate mentees receive research scholarships and upper-level student mentors receive scholarships for their role in the program. Currently, these scholarships are provided by the University, and corporate supporters including Washington Research Foundation and Boeing. There is a great impetus for companies to financially support the TMP. Companies that value diversity, have a STEM focus and seek employees that have developed real-world job skills that can play a direct role in shaping and interacting with students who may become their future workforce. 

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"My participation with TMP inspired me to become a student mentor. I was excited to help students succeed the way others helped me be successful."

Maureen Montiel | Former TMP Mentee and Mentor | B.S. Bioengineering, Class of 2015       

 "I truly believe TMP makes a difference for the students involved, both the mentees and the mentors. You can literally see the positive changes in their professional skills and confidence in pursuing STEM."

Mary Sanchez-Lanier | TMP Faculty Mentor | Assistant Vice Provost, WSU